My brother, who is more culturally savvy than me, raised goats a few years ago.   He sold goats
for slaughter.  The majority of his customers were Muslim refugees from Asian countries or Christians raised in African countries, who dined regularly on goat meat.   He, also, kept a small portion of the herd for our consumption! I learned to love goat.  It's after all the most widely consumed meat in the world. 

Where do you find goat meat as a restaurant dish in Fort Wayne?  Sone Sea Yar, located at 5527 South Anthony, fills my quest for great goat meat.  The goat meat is served in a spicy curry on a bed of rice. The goal is Halal meat or slaughtered according to the Muslim faith.  Don't like goat? Sone Sea Yar, also, serves chicken, beef and fish.  In addition to main dishes, the restaurant serves several appetizers, including potato samosas, naan bread, curries, pad Thai, coconut milk soup and shrimp eggrolls.   The restaurant serves a delicious hot tea, similar to chai without the spiciness

Sone Sea Yar is a great place to venture to if you desire authentic Burmese and Thai food.  It's a great place to stop for lunch or dinner, on the way to or from FootGolf at the McMillen Park FootGolf course. Hours: 8am-7p.m. Monday-Sunday.