Ok, I admit I had trouble pronouncing the name of one of Fort Wayne’s newest barbecue restaurants correctly. It took me three tries to get the words out. Hint: It helps to say it distinctly: SHIGS IN PIT. With such an interesting name my husband and I had to stop by this place on a nondescript block on Fairfield Ave to see what it was like. The website was so good with photos of barbecued ribs and pulled pork that our mouths were watering as we walked in. Wow! There was no disappointment when it came to tasting the pulled pork and ham and cheese sandwiches we ordered. Yum! My husband thought his pork had the best flavor of any barbecue he’s tasted. That’s saying a lot as he’s tried it in several Western states, including Texas, Colorado and Nevada. I tried a bite and enjoyed it as well. The meat was succulent, but not too spicy. My ham and cheese was tasty and filling as well. The restaurant didn't boast a fancy décor, but it is in keeping with the country barbecued theme. There were drawings of dancing pigs on the walls (would a pig be dancing knowing it was going to be pulled pork soon?), along with awards won by the restaurant for its barbecued food. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, the owners Todd Grantham and Jeff Neels also own another great Fort Wayne eating spot, Mad Anthony’s on Taylor St. Together with a third owner, Stefan Kelley, they have competed in and won many several national BBQ competitions. I think it’s pretty cool these guys are pursuing their shared interest in cooking on a national level, but offering that expertise to Fort Wayne residents as well. This place will be seeing us frequent its doors again soon. Note: While there is some street parking, a good-sized parking lot is in the back of the building with a side door entrance. 2008 Fairfield Fort Wayne, IN 260.387.5903 www.shigsinpit.com Hours: Mon – Thu 11:00 am-8:00 pm Fri – Sat 11:00 am-9:00 pm