While traveling through Fort Wayne International Airport upper level this Christmas season, be sure to stop and study the art exhibits from Manchester College students in the gallery adjacent to the Fort Wayne Airport Museum. According to Ejenobo R. Oke, Assistant Professor of Art at Manchester College located in North Manchester, Indiana, the exhibit showcases 21 works representing different media from various art programs at the college. “We have examples of photography, figure drawing, oil, and batik included in the exhibit,” she said. While there is no particular theme to the display, the items are some of the students’ best work. “These artists include students from freshmen through recent graduates,” said Oke. “When we organize an exhibit like this, I look for items from students who have taken an art class and produced good quality work. The items to be showcased do not have to be created just by students majoring in art.” She added that Manchester College hosts an annual student art show on its campus each spring. Oke feels the airport exhibit is a big opportunity for students from the college. “We try to get students’ work exhibited as much as possible,” she said. “This is the first time the college has exhibited art work at the airport which is such a busy, public place.” Oke is especially thrilled for the unexpected opportunities for certain students with items on display. “Some travelers have contacted me about purchasing a few pieces from this collection,” she said. “That is good news for the students.” Manchester College’s art exhibit at FWA, which opened October 6, continues through December 27. For more information about the exhibit contact Oke at eroke@manchester.edu or call 260.982.5334. For more information about Manchester College go to their website.