Thanks to recent renovations, the Fort Wayne International Airport(FWA) is now even more welcoming to visitors. Whether you're flying in for business or pleasure, the upgrades are sure to make your experience even better. Here's what you can expect: Column renovations, a painting job, a new family welcome center, and flight display information are among the most recent visible changes. Similarly, the fresh looking yellow hue for the walls coordinates with the airport’s logo color scheme, which is designed to evoke a feeling of welcoming. Making visitors and their family and feels feel more at home is a part of that welcoming  atmosphere.  The Family Center will provide respite for family members and greeters anxiously awaiting the arrival of their friend or family member. The airport is committed to meeting the concerns of business travelers. Upstairs, business travelers will appreciate the business center’s facelift that includes improved wall seating. Passengers should have no trouble finding an outlet in the computer pod area or in the lounge area. In fact, there are more outlets per square foot than the average house. Also, upstairs passengers can benefit from the new bag lifts in the terminal. This structural improvement allows passengers to obtain their baggage directly in the terminal. (What a great idea to save time and effort!) Additionally, the uncontrolled temperature in jet bridges keep passengers out of the heat and cold. These are just a few of the changes already in place. Stay tuned for news on updates  concerning future plans for making the FWA more visitor friendly!