We all could use some more peace in our lives. Ft. Wayne Outdoor Yoga is a great way to center and take in some beautiful scenery at the same time. Ft. Wayne Outdoor Yoga provides zen in two beautiful outdoor settings in central Fort Wayne. Founder and Fort Wayne native, Lanah Hake recently returned to the area and brought her love of this ancient practice to the Summit City. She obtained her yoga certification in February 2011 and soon the concept behind Ft. Wayne Outdoor Yoga was born. You can catch her classes (weather permitting) on Tuesdays from 12-12:50 p.m. in Freimann Square and Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. in Lakeside Park. I have attended her Wednesday evening class several times. Her style accommodates a wide variety of skill levels and ages. She is willing to help those who need it, or back off for the more seasoned yogis. This is truly an all-levels class. If you're a newbie or simply curious about yoga, don't be afraid to jump right in! The park setting provides a nice way to reconnect with nature. It's not uncommon to hear birds chirping, children playing and dogs barking. This is all part of the joy that is outdoor yoga. Get updates on their Facebook page, and spend time enjoying the leaves and the company of fellow enthusiasts. Ohm.