All for One Productions, Inc., a faith-based non-for-profit theatrical group from Fort Wayne, is back with a season of unique shows for audiences. The first show of the season is a one-man show called ‘A Mighty Fortress: Luther in Wartburg’. It focuses on Martin Luther and his thoughts about his religious faith. An added feature during the performanceson September 6-8 will be a dramatization of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians called ‘Prisoner of Joy’. Rated G In November the crew will present ‘The Family Nobody Wanted’. This show depicts a 1950s a married couple who adopted children from various ethnic backgrounds. If you’ve seen the comedy ‘You Can't Take It With You’, you’ll want to see this show portrayed with the same humor! Rated G afo A can't-miss for the family will be ‘The Princess and the Goblin’. The all for One staff will utilize dancing and puppetry for this show. Can I admit I love puppets here? I’m already thinking about which of my friends will put up with sitting beside me as I watch this show in February 2014. The last show of the season to be produced in May 2014 is more the somber ‘1984’ by Robert Conrad. Thirty years after the novel’s premise the show will examine the author’s writings. Did anything he predicted about our lives come true? This show is rated PG for subject matter. Since organizing in 1992, The objective of all for One Productions, Inc. has been to present quality theater productions to families in the Fort Wayne area. While the plays produced by all for One are not inherently Christian, the story lines do have family themes and are appropriate for children of all ages unless otherwise indicated. Currently, all for One plays are produced at the Allen County Public Library in downtown Fort Wayne. The advantage to learning about these shows ahead of time is the cost savings. All for One Productions is offering a discount for season tickets. Tickets purchased prior to each show cost $15. Day of the show the cost is $18. But, an adult season ticket is only $45—they shave off an entire ticket! For a pair of season tickets, the savings is even higher! For more information on what all for One productions does, ticket prices, and upcoming shows, check out their website!  Or, you can give them a call at 260.622.4610.