There have been moments in my life and I’m sure yours, when we gaze in awe at the magnificent beauty this earth has to offer.  The captivating sunset over the Pacific Ocean, or the grand depth and enormity of the Grand Canyon. If you’ve been one of the few to witness the brilliant display of the Northern Lights (take it from me, a native northern Minnesotan, it’s truly amazing) you realize how blessed we are to live on this planet. What better way to celebrate the Earth and what it offers then with a “Party for the Planet” at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. The party takes place on “Earth Day” April 22.  Known as one of the nation’s Ten Best Zoos for kids, you can be sure that The Children's Zoo sure knows how to put on a party! While at the zoo visiting different continents and being surrounded by a variety of animals, you will have a chance to participate in six stations celebrating Earth. Make your teachers (or former teachers) proud by guessing the right answers to “Earth Trivia.” Learn about recycling and composting and help keep those awe moments alive for years to come.  Also, while you're there, enjoy learning about endangered and common species. Other stations include: “Do Something Green,” which teaches ways to save on energy, like turning off a light and learning ways to make earth a better place to live. After all this learning make sure you save energy for “Planet Dance.” If you're worried about looking goofy, then you haven‘t seen the monkeys at the zoo. And, with Mother’s Day not to far of, you can bring back the feeling of sweetness while watching new dingo puppies and kangaroo joeys because most of us know they grow up fast. “Party for the Planet” is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and free with zoo admission.  Admission is adult $13.50, over 60 $10.50, 2-14 $8.50, and under one year are free. Learn more online.