Dirt roads and unusual places are my spots for great getaways!  Truly, the roads less traveled lead to some of the best places to eat.  Within Allen County (Fort Wayne is the county seat), there are some places only known by the true locals. These eateries are true hole-in-the-walls best known by only the locals! Hidden in non-descript buildings is some of the best food in town. A few of my favorite places for great food:


  • Want the best pizza in the county? Take the journey to County Line Pizza (10914 West South County Line Road, Zanesville). This mom-and-pop pizza place is located inside a tiny grocery store. The owners focus on high-quality ingredients, and each pie is loaded with tons of toppings. My personal favorite is the supreme pizza. After you order your pizza, take a seat available at the few small-round tables in the store. While you wait for the piping hot dish, take in the sights of the tiny town.  If you get a chance to do so, talk with the locals. To find County Line Pizza take Bluffton Road to Fort Wayne Airport Express and head West until you get to Indianapolis Road.  Head South on Indianapolis Road to the tiny town of Zanesville, and turn East onto South County Line Road.  The store is a block or so on your left. Drive slow or you might just miss it!

  • Every eat in a ghost town?  Visit Poe, a once-booming town, minutes from the south side of Fort Wayne.  Tucked between the few remaining houses and the farm fields, and across from the Poe Volunteer Fire Department is the Hi-Ho Again.  This local favorit of the 21 and over crowd, serves some up a mighty tenderloin. What is a tenderloin?  It's a Midwestern sandwich - a pork patty served on a bun.  To find the Hi-Ho Again (3620 East Yoder Road, Fort Wayne) take Bluffton Road/State Road 1 South to Yoder Road.  Travel the somewhat windy road, until you see the Poe Volunteer Fire Department.  The tavern is on the left side. 

  • Tempted for a good sausage roll? Redwood Inn (1432 West Main Street) is known by locals for sausage rolls. Many area residents think these dough pockets filled with sauce, cheese and dough are the best in town! Not in the mood for a roll? Redwood Inn serves pizzas and soups, too! Eat at the place and you will be greeted by Midwestern friendliness.  To find Redwood Pizza take Clinton Street to Main Street, and head West. Redwood Pizza is on the right side in a red, non-descript building with a new deck on the outside.