So far I have been pretty impressed with the restaurants that I have visited while in Fort Wayne. But between the appearance, excellent food, and friendly, quick staff, J.K. O’Donnell’s, an Irish pub, is at the top of my list. Located downtown, there was plenty of parking and it was easy to find.  The best word I made up to describe it is “antiquey” where the wood and comfortable patterns and flourishes really sold the old Irish feel I think they were going for.  Not to mention the whiskey barrel that was my table. When I went for dinner I ordered the grilled Irish cheddar cheese sandwich. It is a grilled cheese sandwich on toasted potato loaf bread with tomatoes and onions in the middle. Beware: it is not a small sandwich. it comes with JK chips, which are delicious wedge style french fries, and a thick garlic aioli sauce for dipping. I absolutely recommend trying J.K. O’Donnell’s if you are looking for a delicious meal. Especially the grilled cheese lovers out there. See you on day six