Ignore the fact that Cinco Di Mayo falls on a Taco Tuesday or that tacos are so great they have their own day. Let's just talk about how the average child living in a western culture home has never been exposed to a "real taco".

I can personally attest to this, many children grow up watching their mother put ground beef in a pan, browning the meat and draining the fat. She then takes what we so endearing called taco shells, and stuff them with seasoned meat, chopped lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese. If she was looking to experiment, she would add some chopped onions and sour cream. It was not until I was an adult, that I learned there was a big difference between what I knew as taco growing up and an authentic taco. If you want to experience this new found joy, I have the perfect place to give your taste buds a sincere flavor filled surprise, and dispel the myth of "what a taco is". 

If you have ever been leaving or heading towards the west side of Fort Wayne during lunch break or while visiting the city, make a stop in at George's International Market, located at 2021 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Think tacos made with grilled steak, with a spritz of lime, in a soft tortilla, garnished with cilantro and onions!

     Salsa Grille at George's International Market Salsa Grille Tacos at George's International Market 

George's is located in a small strip mall on the southwest side of the Fort Wayne, on the corner of Broadway and Taylor. It is quite the hidden secret. It is a place where you can have lunch or an early dinner, and then head right next door for a dessert to die for at La Baguette.  

The cool thing about George's International Market is the restaurants immediate access to fresh produce and meat. George's International Market is not only has a restaurant, Salsa Grille, inside the market; it is a grocery store with a butcher in the back. 

That being said, don't waste any more time with taco shells and ground beef. Go experience the true taco, and then you'll know the difference, and never want to use the word "taco shell" again. <