There is a new addition at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo—a baby Javan Gibbon!  The new male baby born April 16 has not been named yet.  He has been much more active in recent weeks, reaching out to grab branches and interacting more with his family.  At this point, the baby is still too small to move by himself, so he hangs onto his mother, Dieng.  His two-year old brother, Jaka, was the first Javan gibbon born in the United States. Rare-Javon-Gibbon-and-cub Fort Wayne is one of two zoos in the United States to have a Javan gibbon and has the largest group of this animal in this country.  Javan gibbons live in the rain forests of Java, Indonesia.  They have dense and long silvery-grey fur that makes them appear very fluffy.  Javan gibbons have long arms and fingers but short thumbs, which help them to swing through the trees with ease. You can see the Javan gibbons in the Indonesian Rain Forest at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which is consistently ranked as one of the top children’s zoos in the country.  When you’re there, you might hear loud calling coming from the gibbons.  This is normal, as gibbons call in the wild to maintain their territory.  Gibbons eat fruits, leaves, nectar, and grubs. You can watch the Javan gibbons in action below.  The smaller gibbon you see in the video is Jaka. For more information about the baby Javan Gibbon, and how you can visit him, check out Visit Fort Wayne or the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo website