“Early morning. Late evening. Springtime or winter…. I travel country roads. My hope is that the work is a reflection of a more quiet land. Perhaps a land that never was. Sometimes I find it.” – Dayne Bonte The Fort Wayne Museum of Art has two new exhibits that just arrived on Saturday, June 30. The first is a photography exhibit by Dayne Bonte called The Quiet Light. The photographs are so beautiful. It is amazing to see his talent and the beauty that can be captured in Indiana. Many of his pictures are from different counties in Indiana. There are many photos in black and white, while some are full of color. This is definitely not an exhibit that you will want to miss! The second new exhibit, by Ida Lorentzen, is called Interior Light and Spaces. Lorentzen uses pastels to paint some fantastic paintings. The imaged in the paintings are very simple, like a single night stand in the corner or two off-white chairs in a corner of a white room. What Lorentzen does with the lighting and shadowing within the painting gives these otherwise simple images complexity and life. It is a great exhibit for everyone to enjoy. You will not want to miss it! Both exhibits run through August 5, 2012. The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is located in Downtown Fort Wayne at 311 E. Main St. Fort Wayne, 46802. It is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am-6pm, Thursday from 11am-8pm, and Sunday from 12-5pm. The museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for students (k - college), and $10 for families. Admission is free to members, all military personal and their families, and on Sundays and Thursdays.