As you are planning a trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, be sure to make your way into the heart of the African Journey exhibit, where you’ll find a charming brood of colobus monkeys. (Head past the kopje rock formations at the far end of the exhibit to find them.) The first thing you’ll notice about these unusual primates is their bushy white tails. At first glance, you might even think you’ve come eye to eye with some high-climbing skunks! Upon closer inspection, little ones will be delighted to discover that colobus monkeys have no thumbs – an especially interesting factoid, when you observe how they move effortlessly from limb to limb. Something else you may not know? Colobus monkeys love to eat! In the wild, they chow for several hours each day, and they’re perfectly capable of eating up to a third of their body weight! On the menu: leaves, leaves and more leaves. (Sounds tasty, don’t you think?) Of course, all that eating will make a monkey tired … don’t be surprised if you catch them snoozing after a mid-day meal. (Can you blame them? Most people seem to enjoy a leisurely nap after a big feast, too!) Of course, there are plenty of other can’t-miss animals at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, including giraffes, orangutans and wallabies. Stop by and spend a couple of hours on the wild side!