I’m a sandwich guy. You know, it’s funny – I was about to write “second only to my love of hamburgers is my love of Italian subs,” but then I realized I actually enjoy them more than hamburgers. And like with hamburgers, there are a ton of great places to get a sub in Fort Wayne. Here are my top five.

5. Penn Station - Penn Station offers a variety of sandwiches, but it’s my two favorites – the Italian Sub and the Pizza Sub – that make this list. The sandwiches are fantastic, and their freshly cut French fries and chocolate chunk cookies put Penn Station in my regular restaurant rotation. Website

4. Mancino’s - Not only does Mancino’s have delicious grinders (my favorite is the Ham, Cheese, and Salami), but they also have great pizza and some of my favorite breadsticks in town. Website

3. Mad Anthony Brewing Company - While the focus of this list is sandwiches – and Mad Anthony’s sub is definitely a keeper – it’s again the appetizers that add something special to a meal here. Their cheese curds are my favorite in town, and their Scooby Snacks, Old Bay-seasoned potato wedges served with cucumber dip, are really something. Website
2. Laycoff’s Tavern -  I’ve loved Laycoff’s grinders ever since I was a kid. What makes this one special? It’s the barbecue sauce. Website
1. River Bend Pizza  - River Bend Pizza, like Laycoff’s Tavern, has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. It’s the one place I have the toughest time deciding between ordering a grinder and ordering a pizza. I’ll be honest, though – I never have to make that decision. I just order both! Website