In the mood for a bargain? Check out these options for Fort Wayne garage sales: Be sure to follow these tips for garage success.  First, make a map. Finding the garage sales ahead of time is the easiest way to maximize your early morning shopping hours. You can find listings in the newspaper and online for the weekend's sales. Another insider's tip is to seek out neighborhood sales. This is like striking gold. Since the neighborhood handles the advertising and organizing, sellers are more likely to participate, and you can find either one big sale or tons of smaller sales in one compact area. Last, be sure to have small bills and change ready. While most sellers are prepared with ones and fives to make change, some forget. And if you're one of their first customers, they may not have enough change to sell you, say, a 25-cent book and make change for a $20. Know of any other sales we should add? Let us know. And, happy hunting!