Throughout Fort Wayne, you can find public murals gracing the side of our buildings, or you can discover fun bike sculptures located throughout our downtown streets.

Fort Wayne is also home to great murals located inside businesses that display photo collages or art depicting all that you can discover during a visit to Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne Murals – Business Edition

While visiting Fort Wayne make a stop at some of these businesses to enjoy their murals and enjoy their hospitality!

Acme Bar and Grill

1105 E State Blvd.

Acme Bar and Grill - Mural, Old Painting - Fort Wayne, IN

Combat Ops Arena

702 Ley Road

Combat Ops Arena - Mural - Fort Wayne, IN

Georgetown Entertainment Center

6770 E State Blvd.

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Grand Wayne Convention Center

120 W Jefferson Blvd.

Grand Wayne Convention Center - Wood Art Piece - Fort Wayne, IN

Pro Bowl West

1455 Goshen Road

Pro Bowl West - Bowling Lanes Mural - Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne Visitors Center

927 S Harrison Street

Visitors Center Lobby 2016

We are sure we missed some of the fun murals located in businesses around Fort Wayne. If you know of a mural that should be included, send us an email at!