Fort Wayne, Indiana is a destination for live music lovers all across the Midwest, in part because of its impressive array of live music venues.

From upscale, opulent concert halls to gritty dive bars full of character, Fort Wayne has quality venues that host both local and regional/national musicians and bands. A little rock and roll, some garage rock, psychedelic rock, country, bluegrass, rap--no matter what your interests are, whenever you come to Fort Wayne, you're going to have a plethora of options on a daily basis. 

As a Fort Wayne musician, I’ve been lucky enough to perform and attend performances at many of Fort Wayne’s best venues. 

Crowd at a Concert at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum


The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

The Memorial Coliseum is without question one of Fort Wayne’s major stages, featuring national and internationally touring artists. Over the years, they’ve hosted The Rolling Stones, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Elton get the point. I had the pleasure of singing in a Barry Manilow concert there a few years back! This year, catch  Luke Bryan, Chris Young, and others at the acclaimed venue. 

Auer Performance Hall

At the Auer Performance Hall, grab your tickets for classical performances by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic to orchestral works by Purdue Fort Wayne students and faculty from Gabrieli, Bach, Hayden Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Stevie Wonder, Weezer engage in a true musical journey.

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The B-Side

The B-Side is undoubtedly one of the most unique and fun spaces you can catch a show in the area. It's a little tricky to find, since it's actually located in the offices of the boutique creative agency One Lucky Guitar.

Incredibly talented musicians sign the door and rave about the overall atmosphere and experience of both enjoying a show there and performing in the space. A much more intimate venue, it seats roughly 75 people for any performance, and it's an all-ages venue (yay!).

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The Brass Rail

The Brass Rail is by far my favorite place to go for a show. This local favorite dive bar sees all kinds of musical acts pretty much every night.

The Rail brings all kinds of musicians and bands though always paired with a local, and you might even catch comedy there too. Also, Wayne Coyne hung out at The Brass Rail after Middle Waves in 2016, so it's like... extra cool. (Fun Fact: The Brass Rail is the #1 seller of Pabst Blue Ribbon in Indiana--and yes, this is a bar, making it a 21+ venue). 

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C2G Music Hall

C2G is a wonderful midsize concert hall where I’ve performed many times. For people who prefer a concert atmosphere with the comfort of tables and chairs rather than rows of seats, C2G is ideal. C2G features many local and regional artists; the upcoming concert list includes a Steely Dan tribute band (which I sing in), an Electric Underground party featuring several DJs, and a national tour of four artists. 

Concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Clyde Theatre

The historic Clyde Theatre has undergone renovations to become a concert venue destination in Fort Wayne. Grab your tickets for performances by national touring acts before they sell out!

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Columbia Street West

Columbia Street West is located in the historic district known as "The Landing." On weeknights, you can catch an acoustic set at Columbia Street West (nicknamed "C-Street") by local talent. On weekends, this bar either hosts dj's or bands--be prepared to dance for that! 

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Down the Line Concert

Embassy Theatre

The Embassy Theatre is a gorgeous historic theater has been around since 1928. It’s Fort Wayne’s major classical concert hall and the home of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, but it hosts a variety of music styles, including musical theatre and contemporary concerts. For instance, this season, you can attend the touring Broadway production of The Color Purple, catch Straight No Chaser’s a cappella show, and take in Carl Orff's classic oratorio Carmina Burana with full chorus, orchestra, and soloists. 

Sweetwater Performance Pavilion

The Sweetwater Performance Pavilion is a new venue, but this outdoor stage is already a staple of the Fort Wayne live music scene. They feature a number of bands on the Sweetwater Campus during the warmer months, perfect for an evening with friends. 

Miss Christine at The Ruin, 2019

The Ruin

Formerly Skeletunes, the Ruin Bar sees a regular stream of touring bands. It’s a great, laid-back spot to get a beer and enjoy some music, especially if you like The Brass Rail and want something less packed. The above photo is of touring indie band Miss Christine performing at The Ruin this summer (it was a great show!). 

Welch's Ale House

In the back of Welch's Ale House lives and breathes The Tiger Room (yes, you read me correctly). You can catch some local music there, and a lot more comedy, too. The Tiger Room and the bar are 21+, but all ages are welcome to dine at Welch's restaurant.

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Dinner and Live Music in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Club Soda

A Fort Wayne original, Club Soda is a cool and sophisticated restaurant features Jazz music/performances performed by local talent. Take a seat at the bar for a cocktail or have dinner with friends and enjoy cool jazz Monday through Saturday in the evenings.

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Don Hall's Guesthouse

Want to dance the night away and have a place to rest your head? The Don Hall's Guesthouse is the perfect place for you to enjoy live music. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can enjoy a variety of genres including Bluegrass, Country, and 60s and 70s classics.

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J.K. O'Donnell's Irish Ale House

For a more laid back and warm and cozy vibe, J.K. O'Donnell's Irish Ale House is the place to be. This Irish pub features performances the second Monday of every month. Grab a pint at the bar and enjoy traditional Celtic ballads, folk, and instrumentals.

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Sweetwater Band Shell at Promenade Park


No matter what your musical tastes are, you're going to appreciate all of these venues for their diversity and the amazing experiences they offer.