There aren't many items from my childhood I have passed on to my son. Most of the toys and books got donated or thrown out after I was done with them. But, board games are an exception. My mother saved Sorry!, Monopoly, and Battleship so I could enjoy them with my kids. Thanks, Mom!


Board games have a timeless quality to them - they never seem to go out of style, even in an age of electronics. I am happy to still have those games; there are plenty of memories to go along with them. There's nostalgia and joy in playing a game with your family that you too played with as a child.

Fort Wayne is fortunate to have several stores devoted entirely to games, both board and video.  Here are some top choices:

  • The Game Annex - Located near the Illinois Road entrance of Jefferson Pointe, it's tucked away in the back of a strip mall. But, don't let the location fool you, this is one of those rare gems you would expect to find in a bigger city. Upon meeting owner Dawn Studebaker, I realized she is a treasure trove of everything board game. She and her husband, Scott opened the location in November of 2013 and they are both self-professed ‘gamers'. Inside the shop, you'll find hundreds of board games for sale and many that you can try out before you buy. To find the perfect game, talk to Studebaker and she'll point you in the right direction. A final note, each day, The Game Annex hosts a different theme for open gaming time.
  • GameStop - GameStop has five locations both on the north and south sides of town. They have an array of new and used video games for all types of gaming systems like Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and more.
  • Summit Sports, Comics, and Games - This locally owned store offers board and card games, collectible miniature games, and role-playing games.
  • Power Nine Gaming - Located on Coliseum Blvd. in the strip mall located next to the Athenina Family restaurant. This game store hosts gaming events every night of the week. Check out their calendar of events on Facebook for your next gaming adventures!
  • GameQuest - This game store is located on North Clinton near the Wooden Nickel. This game store also hosts many gaming events throughout the week. You can check out their next event on Facebook.
  • Deck Factory - The Deck Factory is located in the shopping center by Jungle George's, and also hosts many events. Check out their calendar of events here.
  • Books, Comics & Things - Lastly, if you're looking for an assortment of books, comics, and things, this store is the place for you! Like many of the local stores, they host gaming events. If you would like to game with others in Fort Wayne, make sure you check out their events calendar!

 Time spent playing games creates memories. It's your move - play today!!