Bringing together the communities of Northeast Indiana, the Make it Your Own Mural Fest, September 8-18, offers the perfect opportunity for a weekend road trip to discover public art in the making and the unique aspects of Northeast Indiana. The Make it Your Own Mural Fest allows you to safely enjoy a road trip in the heart of the Midwest and tailored to your interests. 

Over 11 days, regional, national, and international artists will create 11 high-quality murals—one in each of the 11 counties of Northeast Indiana. The murals will all be unveiled on September 18. Make the most of your getaway with these road trip recommendations!

Kayaking Fort Wayne's rivers with a view of the skyline.

Make the Most of Your Mural Fest Adventure

Plan your Route

With the mural locations spread out between 11 communities, take to the road, enjoy scenic vistas and pastures, and discover some of the hidden gems of Northeast Indiana. From the lakes to the rivers, shopping to wineries, and historical sites and museums to animals discover plan a road trip and discover some themed trails that will help you enjoy Mural Fest and Northeast Indiana at the same time.

Embrace the Road Side Stops

There is something special about taking your time, watching the process of art, and celebrating the little moments with your family or friends. Make the most of your road tripping around Northeast Indiana by embracing the unexpected farm stands, stops to see wildflowers, or watching the sunset. So take it slow, make plenty of stops, and make the most of your journey. 

Father and son enjoying the panda mural in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Maximize your Time

In the same vein, you can still make the most of your time by deciding what you really want to see. 

Do you want to watch art come alive? Or, do you want to see the finished product? Do you want to explore Amish in LaGrange County or the various lakes in the region or even noteworthy spots like The Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne? 

Amish and Mennonite Communities in LaGrange County

All are great options, but prioritizing your list is important. If you want to watch art come alive, maybe plan your visit around the beginning of the festival. And if you want to see the finished products, plan your road trip around September 18 or even after the festival when it works best for you!

Get to know the Artists

Our communities of makers, creators, and artists help us tell our story and share our culture, and the same goes for the international, national, and regional artists helping to share Northeast Indiana’s story. 

The 11 artists’ varied backgrounds, their ties to the regional community, and their heart for creating art to share with the world are what make the Make it Your Own Mural Fest so special. Get to know the artists before your visit at Or during the festival, be sure to stop by while the artists are painting!

Explore more Public Art

Each of the participating communities also offers unique public art that you don’t want to miss.Take a tour of Fort Wayne's vast public art collection featuring murals spanning alleyways, sculptures representing our city’s past and future, and interactive features including tactile displays for people of all abilities to enjoy and QR codes that will tell you more about the story of each mural. Discover Fort Wayne’s public art at

Take to the road during (or after) Make it Your Own Mural Fest and discover Northeast Indiana's creative canvas. Share your road trip experience with us at #MyFortWayne.

Father, mother, and daughter walking past a mural and the Porch off Calhoun in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.