On a good day, when you’re driving east on Stellhorn Road, you can smell it. It’s rich, sweet, tinged with just a touch of garlic and pineapple. Welcome to Hop Sing’s restaurant, one of the best drive-through Chinese cuisine spots in town. Hop Sing’s is tiny. Nestled between the BP station and an old car repair shop, the little teal and cream building is far enough back from the road so that as customers give their orders, traffic noise doesn’t interrupt. But bare-bones as the exterior is, the food is something else. One order of crab Rangoon - 2 pieces, crispy and tangy-creamy! Pulling into the drive through lane, customers will begin to peruse the menu. This is just a sample from the menu: Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken and pork, almond or cashew chicken, egg rolls, hot and sour soup – and crab Rangoon. This is excellent crab Rangoon, 2 large pieces to an order and not in the least bit sweet. The egg rolls are nice, too, stuffed with filling and not too swaddled with wrapper. Ask for some extra sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard, just to give the egg rolls a little kick. Hop Sing's Kung Pao chicken: loaded with vegetables, tender chicken and plenty of sauce. The main entrees are generous and fairly priced - $6.96 per single-serving entree. Be assured that, unless you are a marathon runner with an appetite, you will have leftovers. Each entree comes with a cup of rice with a few vegetables (you choose – fried or white rice) and the larger tray of topping. Tangy, firm pineapple, crisp carrot slices and tart green pepper chunks are in each sweet and sour dish. The Kung Pao chicken has some zest , but the zucchini slices are a mellow contrast to the mildly spicy sauce. And the almond chicken – be prepared for lots of mushrooms, meaty water chestnut slices and fresh celery. Customers make their orders at the sign on one side of the building. Then they pull around to the take-out window, where both the money and food transaction take place. Customers are offered chopsticks, regular silverware, and a variety of sauces. Fortune cookies come with each order, too. Service is always pleasant, and the food comes out piping hot. Watch out – sometimes it’s so warm that the brown bag holding the food containers is better set on an empty car seat, rather than your lap. The soup, too, retains it’s heat for many minutes after you’ve reached home. For a quick and delicious meal, give Hop Sing’s Chinese Food to Go a try. You won’t regret it! Hop Sing’s Chinese Food to Go 6214 Stellhorn Rd. 260-486-5015 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, closed Sundays