Whether you’re visiting family or have family coming in from out of the town, the Hoosier Shuttle is the perfect answer to getting to and from Indianapolis International Airport and downtown Indy. The Hoosier Shuttle offers trips from Fort Wayne to the Indy airport and Circle Center, and back. With a fleet of five 10-passenger vans and 17 experienced drivers, the service provides six rides (round-trip) daily, 2 ½ hours each way – that’s 140 trips and 35,000 miles a month! The shuttles pick up and drop off at Light World (418 W. Coliseum Boulevard) and Village of Coventry Bob Evans (5785 Coventry Lane) in Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis International Airport and Circle Center (in front of P.F. Changs on the corner of Illinois and Washington) in downtown Indy. They’ll also accommodate additional stops at exits along 69 South between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis upon request, and offer services for special events, like games, and shopping and charter trips. Tickets are $39 one way, with a special group rate of $35 per person for groups of 8 people or more. Start booking now for the holidays as spaces tend to fill up quickly during this busy time, recommends Hoosier Shuttle owner Teresa Scheumann. I’ve been riding the shuttle myself, and scheduling pick-ups for family, for years now. Teresa, the owner, and her team of drivers, provide the ultimate in customer service. Call (260) 469-TRIP (8747) or toll free at 1-877-FWA2IND (2463) to make a reservation. Hoosier Shuttle (260) 469-TRIP; 1-877-FWA2IND (2463)