Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairytale loved by many! This age old tale, involving a beautiful princess, enchantment, and a handsome prince has become one of America's most beloved stories of all time. Perhaps you have read this story to your children? Or maybe your grandmother read it to you as a child? Then of course there's the Walt Disney version which has been played out on DVD in our home more times than I can count! But what about the ballet? Who wouldn't love to see a live, authentic representation of this classic brought to you under the dim lighting cascading across a stage of talented dancers and performers? This unique experience can be found at Fort Wayne Ballet. With a rich history of giving back to our lively arts community, they have continued to grow and stage breathtaking productions that inspire and delight! This happily-ever-after is a must see performance in Fort Wayne! Performances will be held March 23-25 at the Arts United Center in downtown Fort Wayne. You can order tickets by calling 260-484-9646 or visiting