I know how frustrating it can be when you’re traveling and you can’t find a gym that will let you work out in their facility for an hour or two. Unless, of course the they get to charge you an exorbitant price. I'm here to help! There are a few gym options for those passing through or visiting Fort Wayne that are reasonably priced and have great equipment and space.

Spiece Fitness – The facility is huge! What I like most about this facility is sheer number of machines and weights available. In the weight area, there are machines and free weights to use. The best part about that area is that there are multiples of most machines and more benches than people at any time. The space between the benches and machines doesn’t make you squeeze around people like you’re trying to get a drink at a bar. I often feel like gyms try to fit too many machines/benches/weights into an itty-bitty workout space and create an awkward, sweaty, smelly situation. The cardio machines are extremely numerous as well.

There is also a running track, though it isn’t as wide as I prefer, making it difficult to pass other people. The sport shop has nice items, name brands and all that jazz, but it is kind of expensive. There is even some pretty good space for those who enjoy cross-fit training. Really, the best part about this facility is the sheer magnitude of the space and number of machines to use.

• 5310 Merchandise Dr. Fort Wayne, IN 46825
• $5 a day if you attend with a member
• $15 a day if you visit alone
• Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 5am-10pm, Fri. 5am-9pm, Sat. 7am-7pm, Sun. 8am-6pm

Anytime Fitness – There are 7 Anytime Fitness locations around Fort Wayne. This makes it more accessible than other gyms in the area. Being a member of Anytime Fitness gives me a great advantage because there are gyms all over the country. Anytime Fitness definitely has smaller facilities than other gyms I’ve visited so far. Even though the facilities are smaller, they have at least one of each machine and treadmills, ellipticals and some stationary bikes. Because members can access the gym 24 hours a day, I rarely find the facilities crowded. My husband and I often share the whole facility with maybe 4-5 other people.

The Anytime Fitness owners know how to efficiently use the space and have open rooms for classes and cross-fit training. Each Anytime Fitness location is slightly different, with varying machines and classes. To find the local locations and see the equipment and classes specific to each location, visit http://anytimefitness.com/find-gym.

• Hours of operation are different for each Anytime Fitness, they can be found on each facilities website
• $5 a day for non-members, regardless of whether they visit with a member or not

Max Fitness – Max Fitness has three separate facilities around Fort Wayne. I have found that their gyms are somewhat more limited in their capacity. I know the southwest location has added on a room for classes and cross-fit type training. The Max Fitness gyms have two different membership packages. The first level gets the member in during staffed hours only. The next level of membership affords the member 24/7 access. Because of these two different price levels, I tend to find the Max Fitness gyms crowded during the regular hours. Even when it's crowded, the staff is always friendly and available to help you with any gym/workout question you may have.

Each of the Maxx Fitness locations is similar in layout, machines, and policies to the other facilities. The staffed hours at Max Fitness gyms are the same from gym to gym as well and are longer than Anytime, but shorter than Spiece. You can find the three Fort Wayne locations at http://www.joinmaxfitness.com/fortwayne/.

• $5 per day for non-members, whether they attend with a member or not
• Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm, Sat.-Sun. 7am-7pm

There are, of course, other options around Fort Wayne, but from experience, these are the most cost effective for what you get at the facility. If you are just looking for a good lift and some sweating or to pump up your heart rate doing some cardio, I definitely recommend Anytime or Maxx Fitness. If you plan to spend several hours in the facility (and you definitely could) Spiece is definitely my recommendation. Wherever you choose to workout, you can’t really go wrong at one of these three gyms. Enj