One of the neat things about Fort Wayne is the fact that there is such a variety in restaurants. By variety I mean, there is a good mix of locally owned/independent mom and pop places, as well as franchises. Granite City Food & Brewery falls into the latter category. Granite City started in St. Cloud, Minn., in June 1999 and has grown to include 30 restaurants in 13 states. Fort Wayne is home to one of those locations. You can find it on Coldwater Road, close to Glenbrook Square. 

What I appreciate most is their menu is far from boring. This brew-pub establishment offers everything from sandwiches, to pizzas, to steaks. Lunch is moderately priced, which means it would be an ideal place for a business lunch. Dinner won't put much of a dent in your wallet, either. With a tip, two people could have a nice dinner for under $40. Not bad! 

Another perk: they cater to all types of diets. The kids menu has a few choices and the gluten-free menu is pretty impressive. As a vegetarian, I appreciate that there are ample options. (More than just cheese pizza)

If brunch is your thing, you'll be in heaven. They serve everything from Prime Rib to Eggs Benedict, buffet style. Brunch runs about $15. 

I would be remiss not to mention the mico-brewery side of their business. Granite City Food & Brewery's signature brews, which are made on-site, include The Duke (Pale Ale), The Bennie (Bock), The Batch (Double IPA), The Northern (American Style Light Lager) and The Stout. Seasonal brews are featured throughout the year. They also offer a full bar with several booths. I recommend sitting in the bar if you have the opportunity. They also offer limited outdoor seating. 

If you're really serious about their beer (and food), I recommend you join their Mug Club. The Mug Club program is a loyalty program that you receive points on all food and tap beer purchase and discounts on all food purchases.

In short, Granite City is far from a typical franchise restarant. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! They are open 7 days a week.