This is the second in a series of posts about eating gluten-free in Fort Wayne! For my first post about sandwiches, click here.


If you're like me, you seriously craved pizza when you stopped eating gluten. I seriously had to walk out of Pizza Hut a few times because it smelled so good, I was afraid I'd lose my willpower and break my intestines. Luckily, some pizza parlors popped up in the last few years to satisfy my need for cheese-and-tomato-sauce covered crust.

Though pricey, this independent pizza shop boasts my favorite gluten-free pizza in town. Located on the north side, 800 Degrees has a wood-fired oven, and serves up many varieties of 10" pizzas, from a delicious, classic margherita-style to fancy pizzas involving spinach and feta. My favorite is with pepperoni (they shred a spicy pepperoni on top) and black olives. The gluten free crust is crispy, and almost indistinguishable from a beglutened thin-crust. Expect to pay no less than $13 for a 10" pie, though, and it just goes up from there.
This local chain serves inexpensive, classic pizzas with super-fresh ingredients. With two locations on the north side, it's a commute for those living or visiting central or south. A friend of mine worked there, and just hours after he tweeted they introduced a gluten-free pizza, I was there! Like 800 Degrees, the pie is 10", which is perfect for one hungry diner, or two snackers. It is cheaper, however, usually by three or four dollars. The crust has upon occasion been somewhat soggy, as gluten-free bread products tend to be, so make sure to indicate you'd like the order to be on the crispier side of baked.
I just tried their pizza for the first time a few weeks ago! With two locations; one in Hicksville, OH, and the other in Paulding, OH, this small chain seems to be trying their hardest to be the gluten-free stop. It's biggest selling point for me was that it also has a gluten-free beer on the menu, thereby reuniting a duo that I sorely missed: pizza and beer. Granted, the beer they offer is Red Bridge, an Anheuser-Busch product which is so-so at best. But the pizza definitely made it taste better. While the price was mid-line and the ingredients were good, but not special, they offer flavor combinations that are fun and interesting. I had the Red Angel special, hold the ham and onions.
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