Have you ever heard of a “lemon?” You know, that “fabulous” new car in your driveway that won’t turn on? What a nuisance! Lemons may leave you feeling sour, but how about an “apple?” Apple: 1) Bowling ball; 2) bowler who fails to come through in a clutch situation. (choke) Ouch! Who knew such nutritious fruit could cause such aggravation? Well if you’re feeling “sour,” or just plain excited about adventure – then you need to venture on over to Wayne Recreation Center! Wayne Recreation Center is a beautiful 32 lanes center that has been family owned and operated since 1998. With modern technology and a professional, attentive staff, Wayne Recreation Center delivers the one of the best bowling experiences in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bowling at it’s finest (and most fun!), Wayne Recreation Center is open 6 days of week and offers leagues for ages four and up! You can send your little one out on the lanes to have fun, or take some adult time to knock those pins down in their top-notch leagues. Every Friday and Saturday they offer Cosmic Bowling, as they turn down the lights and hype up the disco lights (no bell bottoms required here!) All your favorite tunes, glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes, pins and bowling balls to give you one of the most fantastic weekend bowling experiences in the area! As a parent, I am super thrilled about their dedication to giving young bowlers an opportunity to have fun in a safe environment! From their youth league bowling and their after school programs…all the way to their “Bowlopolis Kids Club” online games and activities for kids, Wayne Recreation offers all kinds of excitement for all ages!