There are a few events through the year that I would say are a “must” in Fort Wayne. Trolley Tour is absolutely one of them. This annual event takes place on September 22, 2011. This isn’t just a downtown event. This isn’t just for art lovers. This is for you. If you’ve been to Trolley Tour in the past, you’re in store for several new improvements. Here are a few:
  • Pre-party beginning at 4:30 pm at the Orchard Gallery. While the Orchard Gallery has always been a stop on the tour, it has never been a main point of ‘entry’. This pre-party will not only be a great place to get the evening started, those who live southwest can park their car here or across the street in Covington Plaza. The trolley will run to and from Orchard Gallery all night ensuring you can enjoy the entire tour and end close to home.
  • Live music from 5:30-7 pm at the Museum of Art featuring the Freak Brothers
  • After-party from 10-11 pm with SugarShot live outside in the sculpture garden at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.
  • 13 galleries on 3 routes. If you felt like you waited for awhile between trolleys at the locations, wait no more. This year, there are 3 routes instead of 2 which means you’ll be picked up more frequently and have easier access to the galleries.
One more improvement that I appreciate: more trolleys! I remember anticipating riding around on a trolley all night and was slightly disappointed to travel by bus all night. Granted, it was a nice coach style bus, but still…I wanted a trolley. Good news! There are three more trolleys this year bringing the fleet to five trolleys and five buses for the night. While the Museum and committee have worked hard to bring improvements and make your tour more enjoyable, they’ve also made sure to offer the elements that work well. Each gallery will offer complimentary cuisine by local eateries and most offer a cash bar as well. For those looking for something different, First Pres and the Library will offer coffee, tea and soda. The art will also offer something for everyone – painting, photography, sculpture, and functional art. Most galleries will feature local and regional artists and some will have special installations specially for Trolley Tour. And, if you’re like me and appreciate music as art, you’ll be pleased to discover live music at several galleries. Tickets (known as passports) are on sale online NOW, so be sure to get your passport for the tour early. You can also pick them up in person and day of, at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art store and at the Orchard Gallery.