Need a good laugh? Snickerz has the remedy for winter-time blues. Snickerz Comedy Bar, located in the same plaza (Marketplace at Canterbury) as Piere's, is laugh central. According to their Web site,  Snickerz Comedy Bar is one of the country's longest running A-Room comedy clubs. The club regularly showcases the likes of quality acts. That means only A-Headliners and A-Features! So what does that mean to the visitor? This means that these are the same acts that you will see in Los Angeles, New York, & Chicago. Snickerz has presented acts like Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Steve Harvey, Tommy Chong, Gallagher,  Lisa Lampanelli, and Lewis Black to name a few, plus all of the acts featured on the Bob & Tom radio show. Check out their "wall of fame" online to see more famous faces. The night usually includes two stand-up acts. Watch out, though, as patrons are often the butts of jokes. (You might think twice about sitting in the front row.) In addition to entertainment, the venue offers an array of alcoholic beverages and snacks. Waitstaff cater to hungry guests throughout the show. Note: there is a two drink minimum, so come prepared. Insider's Tip: Patrons get free admission into Piere's following the show. Just show your stamp! Make reservations for your next laugh now! Call (260) 486-0216