Fall is upon us, and that means the leaves are changing--and how! It's a good thing Fort Wayne boasts several scenic spots to take in the changing landscape. Here are a few of my favorite spots:
  • Metea Park: Allen County is blessed with a wealth of parks,  but I have to say this one is among the most serene. The park offers an undisturbed tranquility that can’t be found anywhere else in this area.  Hear the birds sing, listen to the crickets chirp, watch the flash of minnows in the water, and of course take in the fall foliage!
  • Fox Island: Also part of the local parks system, Fox Island is a sensory treat. In addition to the foliage,  you will find hundreds of species of animals and plants. The marsh, seasonal ponds, wooded sand dunes, wetland forest, old fields and restored prairie make it natural treasure.
  • Amish Country: The northeast side of town is home to the Amish community.  Here, you will find country roads lined with trees. While out there, be sure to check out Schmucker’s Produce Farm, 12815 Doty Road in New Haven. This place is a must-see for anyone who appreciates fresh, locally grown food. The grocery section offers a sundry of items, including grains, dried herbs, raw sugar, soup bases, seasonings, marinades, noodles, cereals, canned meats, beans, nuts, seeds, syrups, jams, apple butter, salsas, pickled eggs, candy, pop corn, and even soap.
  • Fort Wayne Trails: Fort Wayne's network of trails is a great way to see fall from a different viewpoint.  Ride or walk on Fort Wayne’s trail system. Fort Wayne is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. Its 60-mile trail system and rivers welcome guests for a weekend of fun and adventure.
So...what are you waiting for? Grab a jacket, some snacks, and your spirit of adventure! Oh, and don't forget to snap some shots of fall's bounty. Feel free to share them with us on Visit Fort Wayne's Facebook page, and we'd love to hear your favorite fall spots below in the comments!