photo_2 I never expected to set foot in a tattoo parlor. For one, I'm afraid of needles. And two, I have commitment issues when it comes to permanent body art.  But after my visit to Black Anvil Tattoo a few days ago, I  felt more comfortable in that setting. If you're in the market for a new tattoo (or getting one touched up) I really recommend the guys at Black Anvil.  After  a few minutes of talking to the co-owner, Nate Click, it's clear he loves what he does.  As graduates of the University of Saint Francis art program, Click and his tattoo artist-friends have turned their talent into a business.  His crew of professionally trained artists is rare in the business. Their education shows in their work. The skin takes less time to heal and the life of he tattoo is extended. In other words, they put that skill and respect into each design, he says. How does the tattoo process work? Generally, a customer comes in with a concept, then it's the artist's job to render it in a way conducive to a tattoo. The customer can provide reference imagery to help. A drawing of the tattoo is produced to ensure utmost satisfaction. Then, a stencil is made to guide the artist in the application of the ink.  A tattoo is personal and is meant to say something about the person-whether symbolic or literal. Speaking of symbols, Click explained why he chose the anvil as the studio's namesake and logo. It's meant to denote strength under pressure, durability and craftsmanship-the same values he espouses in his business. "Anvil strong" is their tagline of sorts. Click says they tattoo people from all walks of life.  Their demographic ranges from the "tattoo virgin," to the collector. They even have customers come from around the country and the world! One particular draw is the guest artists. Renowned artists will come for a few hours or days to get inked from expert artists. Click and his team will also travel to conventions to bring their services to the masses. Speaking of travel, when I spoke to Click he was preparing for a trip to Europe to bring his creative services there. You can catch Click and his team most days at their 327 E. Wayne St. studio. Click says the downtown location was chosen by design. He wanted to be part of the downtown energy. He wants to see Fort Wayne, especially the entrepreneurial community, prosper and thrive. So, are you ready to be anvil strong?