A #FortWayneMoment is a snapshot of life in the Summit City. It could be big and important, or it could be fleeting and trivial. It could happen at a place you’ve never been or at a place you’ve been a thousand times before. It becomes a memory that says, “That’s Fort Wayne” or “That’s my home.” There’s a #FortWayneMoment happening right now. My wife and I spent a lovely summer morning at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo a couple weeks ago, a place where #FortWayneMoments happen all the time. Once of the great things about the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is the level of interactivity between visitors and animals, one of the best examples of that being the giraffe feeding platform. There were all sorts of folks milling about that morning, but one adorable little girl – maybe three or four years old, wearing tiny eyeglasses, a single pant leg rolled to her knee – tottered over to a giraffe with a giant lettuce leaf in her hand. The giraffe greedily grabbed the leaf from the young girl, who was mesmerized by the giant creature. I'm sure that little girl left the zoo with a memory of her #FortWayneMoment; we had one just watching her. We were also lucky enough that day to stumble across some colobus monkey family time. Both of the zoo’s colobus monkey females gave birth in January, and it was quite entertaining to watch mom, dad, and baby all playing together (although I use the term “playing together” rather loosely since the male really wanted to be left alone and ended up being, quite literally, just a set of monkey bars). Human families bonding over a monkey family’s bonding? That’s a #FortWayneMoment. What is your favorite #FortWayneMoment?