It’s possible the biggest fan of Fort Wayne’s attractions doesn't even live in the Summit City. Linda Anderson of Rose Valley, Pennsylvania (located east of Philadelphia) has driven the 10 hours to Fort Wayne on seven different occasions during the past winter and spring season. She was not born here and does not have friends or relatives to visit. She is just a fan of Fort Wayne, especially the Komets. Anderson is an Elder law attorney and a follower of the 2011 Stanley Cup winners, the Boston Bruins. During her studies about the team, she came across articles written by News-Sentinel sports writer Blake Sebring about the Fort Wayne Komets. Sebring’s comments that Fort Wayne was a supportive hockey town were enough to bring her to Fort Wayne to watch them play and see if what he said was true. “I knew this year was the Komets’ 60th anniversary as a team in Fort Wayne,” she said. “I wanted to see how an area of the country I thought was dedicated to football and basketball supported hockey.” She was not disappointed at the Komets’ performance on the ice and Fort Wayne’s love for the team. During her seven trips, Anderson has been accompanied by friends and family. On each trip Anderson has developed an agenda, anxious to show off the city she has grown to love. “What’s amazing about Fort Wayne is it doesn't take a plane ticket to see some great things,” she said. “We’ve visited the Firefighters Museum, Stoner’s Magic Shop, Coney Island, Riegel’s Cigar shop, Karpeles Museum, Botanical Conservatory, Museum of Art. At the old Fort, re-enactors gave us a tour.” As an attorney, she made an effort to tour the lovely Allen County Courthouse and plans to return when the courtrooms are open. Anderson stays at LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in downtown Fort Wayne. Throughout her visits, Anderson has been impressed by the city’s hospitality. “It is a tight community,” she said. “You can’t turn around without running into people who know each other, but they have also completely welcomed us into the community. That’s so nice.” She is already planning to return multiple times during the next hockey season. “I’m a fan of Bob Chase and plan to be here to celebrate his 60th year of announcing for the Komets,” she said.