Two years ago I set out to complete the Komen 3 Day.  That’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s 60 mile breast cancer walk.  Training for the 3 Day is as big of an undertaking as participating in the race itself.  For many who do the walk, it’s hard to find walking trails that are great for training 10-20 mile training walks. Luckily, I live in Fort Wayne where the Fort Wayne Trails allow exceptional walk, bike, and running paths.  With over 40 miles of trails, I never ran out of places to walk.  Meeting up with friends on the trail and walking mile after mile became the best part of training.  The smooth trails, the scenery, and the easy access made training easier.  The trails are easily marked and are a great way to enjoy Fort Wayne. Miles of training on Fort Wayne Trails lead to some very big smiles at the end of the Komen 3 Day For Andy Welfle of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Trails is more about connectivity than recreational use.  “Once you learn their layout and how to get on and off easily, you can get to many, many places in Fort Wayne without having taking streets or sidewalks,” he tells me.  Andy, who worked for the Trails in 2010, also appreciates the change of scenery the Trails provide. “They take you through some of Fort Wayne's most beautiful places — the riverfronts — that's hidden away to most of the town. It feels a bit like The Secret Garden; when you're on them, it's hard to imagine anyone else in Fort Wayne knows about them.” Fort Wayne's Andy Welfle heading out on the Fort Wayne Trails Whether you choose to enjoy the trails for their recreation or because they’ll help you get to your destination while avoiding traffic, you’ll find them to be one of Fort Wayne’s most impressive features.  For a complete map of the trails, visit their website at