newcomers Are you new to town and eager to make new friends? Or could you use recommendations for good medical care, great restaurants and churches and schools? There’s a group in Fort Wayne designed to help you not feel like a stranger. Even the name is welcoming-- Newcomers Club. This group conducts monthly coffee klatches for the purpose of meeting new women in the Fort Wayne area. As an incentive to encourage first-time visitors, club members pay for visitors’ coffee drinks. An RSVP is required to attend. At the get-together club members explain activities organized by the group. These include playing cards, going to movies, dining in local restaurants, taking day trips to outlying areas around Fort Wayne, and family activities. It can be an instant way to make friends. The Newcomers Club has 80 registered members, including single women, those who work and ones who stay at home. Ages range from 20s through 80s. The group also conducts community service projects. Kim Brown joined Newcomers Club in 2005 after her husband’s job transferred him to Fort Wayne from Toledo, Ohio. After her initial meeting with the group, Brown immediately joined. “I enjoyed being in Newcomers from the beginning,” she said. “My current friends today are still in the club.” The annual membership fee for Newcomers Club is $25.00. For more information about Newcomers Club go to