It is a knee-jerk reaction of mine to automatically think about Mona Lisa Smile whenever the words “female” and “art” are muttered in the same sentence. Maybe it’s because of my love for Julia Roberts. Perhaps I just adore the principles of female strength and independence portrayed in that film. Or maybe I’ve been so warped by pop-culture that my first instinct when hearing many words lends to the thought of a particular movie. In any case, when I entered the Fort Wayne Museum of Art last week to take a look at their “Female Forms and Facets” exhibit, I felt just like a Wellesley College student walking into Miss Watson’s art history class from the movie I’ve loved for so many years. A warning is one of the first items that caught my eye, and it cautioned that all content may not be suitable for children. Even at 22, I sometimes am still hit with the thought of, “Am I really mature enough to look at this?” The answer — yes. This exhibit evoked many emotions from me, and luckily, none of them were the giggles of my inner 12-year-old self. Instead I felt pulls of joy which kept a smile on my face for long periods of time, waves of sadness that made my eyes tear up more than once, and a sense of empowerment from my hippie brothers and sisters who created pieces that supported my own feminist tendencies. My absolute favorite piece of the day included a lithograph entitled “Gretchen” by Robert Longo, but I also went back for a second look at a few paintings by Norman Rockwell. You can pick out your favorites too! “Female Forms and Facets” will be on display at the Museum of Art from now until August 21. For more information about this exhibit or others featured at the museum, check them out online.