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Can't-Miss Exhibits in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Science Central

1950 N. Clinton
(260) 424-2400

January 12-May 26, Heart Smart

Enjoy entertaining, interactive stations for light exercise and education on how your heart works, and take a breather in the relaxation station. Learn about your heart, how to lower your risk for heart disease, and how physical fitness and healthy eating can be fun.

Robonology at Science Central

June 1-September 8, Robonology

Explore the fantastic reality of robotic technology as it applies to space and ocean exploration, industrial applications, disabled services, and the movie industry.

For a full list of exhibits, visit the Science Central website

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

311 E. Main
(260) 422-6467

FWMoA - Brown County Artists

April 20-August 4, The Ideal Sketching Ground: Prints by the Artists of Brown County

In 1905, the Illinois Central Railroad connected Indianapolis with northeastern Brown County, Indiana. Not long after, numerous artists—particularly landscape painters—began making the journey to the small town of Nashville where they discovered camaraderie with fellow artists and an unspoiled, picturesque place for inspiration. 

FWMoA - Frida Kahlo by Imogen Cunningham

June 15-September 8, Seen and Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham

The first exhibition of this seminal artist’s photographs to tour the USA in 20 years gives a new generation the opportunity to view her work for the first time. Categories such as family photographs, portraiture, abstract still lifes, and work from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Permanent Installation: Martin Blank’s Glass Sculpture, Repose in Amber

Commissioned in 2004 by a Chicago art philanthropist, Repose in Amber was in storage for many years but is now a highlight at FWMoA. The sculpture, created by world-renowned artist Martin Blank, has a new life as the most dramatic and largest work in the museum’s growing collection of glass sculpture.

For a full list of exhibits, visit the Fort Wayne Museum of Art website

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

1100 S. Calhoun
(260) 427-6440

Botanical Conservatory Live Butterfly Exhibit

April 27-July 7, Migrations

Discover the paths and perils of the Monarch as you follow their route in this exhibit. Enjoy personal encounters with hundreds of non-migratory tropical butterflies as they fly, feed, and offer an array of color. 

July 13-November 17, Botanica Jones: Scientist, Merchant or Thief?

Visit a wealthy Englishwoman’s garden, showcasing plants brought back by “Botanica Jones,” a fictional plant explorer of the late 1800s and 1900s. While you view exotic and familiar plants through new eyes, you’ll discover the fascinating episodes of daring that real plant hunters endured to bag their quarry. 

November 23-January 5, Christmas Connections

While our busy modern life often separates friends and family members across schedules and distances, holidays are periodic opportunities for people to re-connect. Vignettes suggest a diversity of family and friendship traditions while video interviews offer insight into the impact those connections can make.

For a full list of exhibits, visit the Botanical Conservatory website

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