A gun and knife show may not sound like something everyone would enjoy. If you’re not a hunter or outdoorsman, why would you want to attend this event where hundreds of people are buying, selling and swapping all types of survival gear including archery equipment, military collectibles, army surplus? Think outside of the box. The show’s displays easily appeal to different interests. People interested in history might enjoy viewing military gear from World War II. It would be neat to see a WWII rifle up close and wonder what soldiers from 100 years ago thought as they carried it into battle. Students of martial arts might be intrigued by historic swords from around the world. My favorite things to look for at these types of events are MRE’s – Meals Ready to Eat. These are self-contained meals that provide nutrients for soldiers who are on the go. A typical MRE contains an entrée, side dish, crackers, dessert and instant coffee. It may be hard to believe, but speaking as the wife of a retired Air Force Guardsman, I know these can be quite tasty. I swear the potatoes au Gratin tasted as though they were made from scratch. These could be handy for a picnic or—let’s face it – they could be valuable for last-minute meal prep around the house. The Fort Wayne Gun and Knife Show will be held at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, May 19 at 9am - 5pm and Sunday, May 20 at 10am - 3pm. This will be the last Gun & Knife Show at the Coliseum until October. All local and Federal laws will be observed. All firearms must be unloaded while on Coliseum property. For more information visit them online.