My four-year old nephew has recently taken up the game of soccer. He really loves it! One of his goals is to be able to kick the ball farther down the field. He knows that any extra practice will help him improve his ability to kick. As his aunt, I love to help him achieve his goals! This makes me excited to see the first FootGolf course at McMillen Park located in Fort Wayne.

What is FootGolf? It is a sport where player kick a #5 regulation, soccer ball into a special 21” diameter cup. The sport is played on a golf course under normal playing golf rules. No special equipment is needed, just a soccer ball. Participants must be able to walk the normal nine-hole FootGolf course. Which means it is the perfect game for families of all ages, even an aunt and her young nephew.

FootGolf is at McMillen Golf Course (3900 Hessen Cassel Road) at $7 for adults, $4 for youngsters and free for youth playing with a paying adult. All equipment is provided by the Parks and Recreation Department for the game.

My nephew and I will hopefully see your family on there!