Chicago has the deep-dish pizza and the Chicago style hot dog (no ketchup!). Indianapolis is known for the shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s.  Philly is known for the cheesesteak. What is Fort Wayne known for? We’ve asked the locals and have a list of must try foods you shouldn’t leave town without sampling. DeBrand’s DeBrand Fine Chocolates are not only smooth and delightfully decadent, they’re made right here in Fort Wayne.  Whether you’re looking for a truffle that melts in your mouth or an ice cream sundae in its own chocolate cup, you won’t regret stopping by DeBrands.   Stop by their Auburn Rd location for a factory tour complete with samples.  Check their website for a listing of tour dates. Coney Island Locals love Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island hot dog joint.  The Coney dog comes complete with a steamed bun and covered in chili.  Their location in downtown Fort Wayne is a true “joint”.  Nothing fancy but filled with flavor.  Not interested in the hotdogs, their cheeseburgers and Coca Colas in glass bottles are pretty amazing too. The Chop Salad from Chop’s Steak and Seafood Chop’s Steak and Seafood will grill you up a great steak, but don’t miss the Chop’s Salad.  It’s filled with iceberg lettuce, crumbled bleu cheese, carrots, bacon and egg, tossed with a peppercorn ranch dressing, and topped with cucumbers and red onion.  Since you’re having the salad, leave room for the Flirtini or a glass of wine from the Chop’s Wine Bar next door.  “The Chop’s pour” will give you a very full glass of your favorite vino. Sausage Rolls from the Redwood Inn Sausage rolls are a classic Fort Wayne dish and locals know the best ones are served at the Redwood Inn.  Located on West Main, this simple local bar does this classic dish just right.  This creation of sausage and cheese wrapped in dough and baked to perfection should be washed down with an ice-cold beverage.  Bring a friend or a very healthy appetite.  There’s plenty to share!  Club Soda’s Gouda dip Describing Gouda dip is a little like trying to describe heaven on a plate.  Their menu says, “We could actually start a restaurant that didn’t serve anything but this and make money.  If you’ve had it you know what we mean. If you haven’t, order it and find out." Locals agree.  Order it and don’t let yourself think about the calories, simply focus on the gooey goodness.  And don’t forget to order a martini.  The rumors are true: Harrison Ford loves this place so much one of the martinis are named after him! The Henry’s Burger Considered one of the best burgers in Fort Wayne, the Henry Burger will remind you of the best burger you could ever make at home.  They’re big, juicy, slightly imperfect in shape, and perfectly prepared.  I highly recommend adding bacon mushrooms and blue cheese.  Locals will also suggest the raw oyster bar on Friday nights, the Meatloaf Monday special, and the fried chicken livers. The Hot Burned Pork at Wu’s Who needs a national Chinese chain restaurant when there’s Wu’s?  Locals love the Hot Burned Pork.  It’s known to make your mouth water with its crispy texture and  spicy peanut flavor.  If you’re looking for something a little less spicy, try the lettuce wraps.  They’re the perfect bite of cool crisp wrap filled with delicious meat. Cork and Cleaver Salad Bar For a salad bar to make the list, you know it’s got to be good.  Cork and Cleaver is known for their steaks and we love those too.  But the salad bar has a little bit of everything and can easily be enjoyed as an addition to your meal or as a meal on it’s own.  Don’t forget the jelly bells at the end of the bar! Ziffle’s Ribs You don’t think of Fort Wayne when you think ribs? This will change your mind.  Ziffle’s number one goal is to make your mouth water and satisfy your need for those ribs.  With options of mild, medium, and hot BBQ sauce there’s a little something for everyone.  Not a fan of BBQ?  Check out the ribs without the sauce.  They’re great that way too! Zesto’s Ice Cream Spring in Fort Wayne unofficially begins with the opening of Zesto’s each year.  Locals consider it some of the best ice cream they’ve ever had.  Serving both ice cream and frozen yogurt there’s a little something for everyone.  Check out the original location at the corner of Broadway and Creighton Ave.  Walk up to the window, order your favorite treat, and take a seat on the curb with the rest of the neighbors.  Yes, eating ice cream on the curb on a warm summer evening is a Fort Wayne tradition.  Trust us, no one will laugh when your cone drips down your chin! What hometown favorite would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below, or search all of our local restaurants here!