It used to be easy in my family to agree on a restaurant. But as we’ve gotten older, and as our lives have changed and our schedules have diverged, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a place to eat that satisfies everyone. There is, however, one exception, a restaurant on which we have never failed to agree – Clara’s Pizza King. Part of the charm of Clara’s is the atmosphere. Its large, multi-level dining room can accommodate a party of two or of twelve. Many of the booths have swings (swings!) for seats, a feature that, let’s be honest, is still awesome to this 34-year-old man. You’ll also find a jukebox, an arcade game or two, and a variety of kitschy decorations. But the coolest thing about Clara’s is the way in which you order your food: each table comes equipped with a red telephone, a hotline directly to the kitchen. You call in your order; they bring you your food. It’s a big part of what makes eating at Clara’s such a unique experience. Let’s talk about the food. Clara’s serves one of my favorite pizzas in town. As a rule, pizza lovers fall into two camps – “Chicago style” and “New York style.” I’m one of the latter: I prefer my pizza thin and crispy. And that’s the way they serve it here. It’s sliced into squares, not into the traditional slice, so you can pile the pieces on your plate (and, believe me, you’ll want to). Even greater than the pizza – yes, it’s possible – are the thin, doughy breadsticks. Drenched in butter, they’re served with a side of spicy cheese that complements them perfectly. Clara’s also features an variety of Italian sandwiches, hamburgers, and salads, so there really is something for everyone. My family has made Clara’s a part of birthdays, anniversaries, and plain old fun nights out together. Now you can do the same! Clara’s Pizza King is located at 321 West State Street here in Fort Wayne. Call them at (260) 483-2163 or visit