Fort Wayne's historic Fort is a historic educational center for Northeast Indiana, highlighting and specializing in the eras from the Native American Culture to the Civil War. Located over the bridge as you are going north on Spy Run Ave, the Old Fort is an attraction you won't want to miss! Though it stands as a tribute to history every day, my family enjoyed a special "Fall Festival and Ghost Tours" event that took place October 22nd! We had a spook-tacular time! This replica of the original fort, rich in it's history of battles and action during the War of 1812, is located on the land where the Native Americans once stood and fought....and is said to have it's own resident ghost! Many people claim to have experienced paranormal activity while during reenactments taken place at The Fort, and it is especially believed to be haunted by  Lt. Philip Ostander, who was in charge of the fort after William Henry Harrison assigned him to protect it. Dying mysteriously, Lt. Ostander's death records remain a mystery, and research has turned up pages found torn out of the orderly book concerning his death. Spoooooky!!! Below are the additional claims of activity from
  • Footsteps heard upstairs when no one is up there.
  • A strong smell of body odor and cigar smoke.
  • Doors opening and closing.
  • When a historical re-enactor didn't ask for permission to enter the Lt. Ostrander’s quarters, his hat was flipped off his head by an unseen force.
  • Shadow figures walking the grounds.
  • Knocking on the walls.
  • A re-enactor claims to have seen a full body apparition of Lt. Ostrander picking up a flag on the table and then disappearing, as well as a bottle being lifted off a table, examined, and replaced, by unseen forces.
  • Faces appearing in the windows.
  • Orbs of light seen by the naked eye moving around the fort.
Three Rivers Festival 2008 - War of 1812 ...if you weren't able to experience this howling good time, never fear! There's always opportunities to visit the Old Fort any day for a unique and exciting time rediscovering our local history! For more information or to arrange your visit: 1201 Spy Run Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (260) 437-2836