Draw your Cupid’s bow during this season of hearts and flowers, and surprise your special someone with a romantic Percheron-drawn carriage tour in scenic downtown Fort Wayne. Rosewood Carriage Rides is offering a trip to yesteryear via its Valentine’s Day rides, offered for $35 for a half-hour ride and $65 for an hour ride and – a bonus: they are also giving ladies a free gift that night. Kolette Frazier, owner of the popular company which offers nightly rides year round, cautions that her staff is extremely busy the weekend before and the weekend after Valentine’s Day, because they do have a lot of holiday rides each year. And of course, there are the expected proposals resulting from these nostalgic coach rides. “One year we had a gentleman bring 12 dozen roses and 100 balloons,” said Frazier. “Then he had wine on the carriage waiting for her after he proposed to her. That was very SWEET and AWESOME!!” Another time a gentleman wanted to schedule a ride for a couple days post-Valentine’s Day because his wife was planning a “special” surprise for him on Valentine’s Day and had told him not to plan anything for that evening. “Well, he wanted to surprise her with something special, too, so he booked a ride for the Friday after Valentine’s Day,” recalled Frazier. “What he didn’t realize was that she had already called and reserved a ride for Valentine’s Day. Of course I couldn’t tell either one that they had each booked a ride on different days because it was supposed to be a surprise! It all turned out great – they had a blast on each ride and still call me every year for a downtown ride.” Contact Frazier at 260-637-5261 and give your Valentine a never-to-be-forgotten gift of a sentimental journey down memory lane.