"Hello Wednesday. You were probably my least favorite day of the week, until the Foellinger Theatre Free Movie Wednesdays started!" Wednesdays get an overhaul from June 15 until August 19, when free movie Wednesdays come to Fort Wayne's Foellinger Outdoor Theatre at 8:30pm. Located next to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo at 3411 Sherman Blvd., this outdoor amphitheater has almost 2,500 seats. As an added bonus, there is a concession stand with reasonably priced snacks (I don’t know about you, but I can’t enjoy a movie unless I have my extra-buttery popcorn). It always amazes me to hear all the kids' “ooh’s and aahhh’s” as they really get into the plot of the movie, and that’s part of what makes Foellinger Theatre so special to me - the memories that my children recall year after year.  I may forget those small moments from time to time, but they have left permanent memories in my children’s minds. And by the way, feel free to take a blanket, it can get a little chilly once the sun sets (more importantly, this serves as a great excuse to snuggle with your youngster.) For more information, click here. And, check out the event schedule below so you don’t miss your favorite movie of the summer. I’ve started you on the right path, now go out and have some family fun! The Last Airbender Wednesday, June 15 Shrek Forever After Wednesday, June 22 The Karate Kid Wednesday, June 29 Megamind Wednesday, July 6 Despicable Me Wednesday, July 13 How to Train Your Dragon Wednesday, July 20 Nanny McPhee Returns Wednesday, July 27 Toy Story 3 Wednesday, August 3 Tangled Wednesday, August 10 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Friday, August 19