Edgar, the zoo's marabou stork, is looking for love.  But because he is the only marabou stork living at the zoo, it's unlikely he'll find it - but that doesn't stop him from trying.In hopes of winning a mate, Edgar has built a crude stick nest along the edge of the African Journey savannah.  And just to make his point (and perhaps improve the décor), Edgar placed an egg-sized rock in the center of his nest. "He's always done this," says Zoo Registrar Michelle Federspiel, who previously worked  in the old African Veldt.  "Unfortunately, he never had a chance to mate, because the other marabou storks we had were also males." Edgar arrived at the zoo in 1979, and has lived at the zoo longer than any other animal.  He came here from Africa, and was probably born sometime in 1977. Visit Edgar (and show him some love!) at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, where you can see Edgar and his nest easily from the African Journey path.  Stand at the first overlook directly across from the wattled cranes, then look along the fence line to your left.  You'll see Edgar's little nest, and most likely see Edgar hovering protectively near his rock.