If you’re looking for a fun family activity or just a fun afternoon activity for a group of friends, consider taking a tour of Fort Wayne with a Tour Fort Wayne Segway tour!

Our tour set off along the banks of the St. Mary’s River at Fort Wayne Outfitters, where we strapped on our helmets, learned the logistics of how to maneuver the Segway, and planned out our route.

Initially, a Segway can be scary or you may think it is something you don’t have the coordination skills to master, but trust me it was only a little weird for 5 seconds. You may feel silly, but it is very fun to zoom around! Once I stepped on the Segway and we set off, I found myself smiling the whole time. Funny looks aside, this was an awesome way to see more of Fort Wayne!

Tour Fort Wayne Segways on the Trails - Fort Wayne, IN

Segway Fort Wayne Tour

Our tour focused on learning about Fort Wayne’s history on the Historic Tour and discovering the beautiful details of the houses in West Central Neighborhood on the West Downtown Tour. Along our trip, we also were able to learn about the history of Headwaters Park, and other information about the Fort Wayne Riverfront.

As we set off from Fort Wayne Outfitters, we headed west to see the West Central Neighborhood and the west portion of Downtown Fort Wayne. We then headed back through the edge of Downtown Fort Wayne towards Headwaters park. Along the way, Pat, our tour guide, provided great information on little facts of Fort Wayne history, such as where the old canals used to dock and where Babe Ruth hit the longest-ever home run!

As we learned more fun facts about Fort Wayne’s history, it was also fun to see the changing skyline and the modern architecture changing the skyline in Fort Wayne, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge and the beautiful graffitied wall on our way to The Old Fort!

Tour Fort Wayne Segways at the Old Fort - Fort Wayne, IN

The Segway Tour Advantage

An unexpected advantage of being on a Segway meant we were able to cover more ground and see more of Fort Wayne than a traditional walking tour! We were also welcome to stop to take pictures or loiter a bit more at stops that interested us, which allowed for a very personal and enjoyable tour of Fort Wayne.

Along our trip, I couldn’t help but think that the Segway tour would be a great way to see Fort Wayne in the fall with many of the trees changing in mid to late October. If you would like to take a tour of Fort Wayne by Segway, reserve your time now! Typical tours last two to three hours long depending on the route, and Tour Fort Wayne can accommodate up to 12 riders at a time. All you have to do is pick your route, set a time and meeting point with Tour Fort Wayne, and grab your friends and family!

What are you waiting for? On your next trip to Fort Wayne, make sure you schedule in a tour of Fort Wayne by Segway!

Tour Fort Wayne

(260) 433-6155

Historic Tour - $50/person

Trail Tour - $30/person

*Please note, tours only happen if the path is somewhat dry and storms are not in the forecast.