Under 21, but want to enjoy live music in a cool atmosphere? No problem! The Yellow Bird may be your ticket. The concept behind the Yellow Bird goes back a few years, when owner Mike Royal was in high school bands and found it challenging to find places to play, and more importantly, all-ages places to just go see music. Now in the position to make his dream a reality, Mike has charged himself with the mission of  providing outstanding live music to everyone who might seek it out.  The music club, located in an old bank building at 1130 E.  State Blvd. , can hold up to 250 people. Mike chose the property because it was a building that was large enough to meet the needs of a venue, solidly built, and in an outstanding location. Here, visitors can here local bands from almost any genre. Mike has hopes of bringing in national acts, and therefore drawing visitors from around the country. He said the club is an asset to the East State Village area because visitors could have dinner at one of the historic, landmark restaurants  in the neighborhood, come watch a show, and then hit one of the bars in the area. But Mike's ambitions do not  stop here. He hopes to engage the community with programs that cater to the community focused on music. Additionally, he anticipates the day when organizations can host activities during off hours. Check out their calendar of upcoming shows here.