Looking for a locally owned, stylishly casual Italian restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal? Oh, do I ever have the place for you! Pizza and jeans? No problem. Warm soup for lunch? Nope. No trouble at all. Getting together with relatives from out of state who would like a quiet and cozy sit-down dinner where they can snuggle their grandkids, order a drink and giggle while the kids laugh and have fun? Really, not a problem. Where on Earth is this wonderfully delicious, casual enough for the family, and yet fancy enough for a semi-formal dinner out? Casa's!!! (as we locals affectionately call it) Casa Ristoranti Italiano Casa Restaurants are family owned and operated full-service Italian restaurants located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, serving authentic Italian pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, sandwiches, lunch specials, and an array of Italian specialties. All restaurants feature the unique and well-renowned Casaburo Salad and complimentary fresh baked Italian bread placed tableside. Casa's strives to achieve family friendly service, featuring generous portions, prepared with fresh ingredients, at a great value. As a local, one of my favorites is the "Casaburo salad" listed on their menu. The "Casa" salad, as it is affectionately known, is a local delicacy, and once those two words come out, everyone in the room runs and dives for the closest fork. No kidding. It is that good. Casa's is famous in my family for this one-of-a-kind salad. My relatives, who live out of town, order ahead and have Casa salad picked up and ready to serve at Christmas! Oh but don't worry, Casa's has way more than just an incredibly yummy house salad! With complimentary fresh baked Italian bread placed tableside, wood burning pizza ovens and wood fired rotisseries and grills (not to mention lunch specials that are prepared daily except Sunday!), Casa's is for anyone with any appetite! The staff at Casa's has always done nothing than impress me and with a son who has food allergies...that means a lot! They are courteous, friendly and ready to give their patrons the best dining experience. Casa Italian Restaurant is ready to serve, ready to please, and ready to fill your appetite with one of the best tasting Italian dishes in all of Fort Wayne. I highly recommend it! With four locations in Fort Wayne, Casa Restaurants is your local, neighborhood home for authentic Italian food. Casa's offers tasty gluten-free and vegetarian menu's as well - something our family continues to go back for....time and time again! Visit them online for a list of locations and menu selections - each location offers something a little different and unique!