If you're visiting Fort Wayne this Spring or Summer, not only is there plenty for you to do, but there are great options for your pooch, as well! What do you get when you mix dogs and great weather together in the Fort?  Pawster Park, of course!

Pawster Park - a fun play on words of Foster Park, where it's located on the city's south side - is Fort Wayne's first playground for dogs. Created a few years ago by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, the park's official name is Pawster Park Pooch Playground. This is a great space in the city for dogs and their owners to bond and get exercise together while socializing in a dog-friendly environment, and it has been well-maintained since its launch.

This isn't your basic doggie park, though. In addition to specialized equipment for dogs to enjoy and use for exercise, Pawster Park has resources in the park for dog owners to use to teach obedience skills. These make the park a fun and educational place to relax and mingle for dogs and their owners alike. 

Since it is a city park, all users need to obtain a Pooch Pass to use the secure facility. Dog owners need to purchase a pass at the main branch of the Parks and Recreation Department at 705 E. State Blvd. (For more information about park rules, membership regulations and hours, click here.)
Stay tuned for more information about the city's second dog park, Camp Canine, which is due to open this summer!

Pawster Park is located in Foster Park, on Fort Wayne's south side. Dog owners can access the dog park between 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily, weather permitting, with the Pooch Pass.