When you own a dog or a cat, and think of your furry friend as a part of the family, leaving your pet at home when you travel is the worst part of traveling. For me it’s sometimes even a deal breaker, especially when I look into those cute little brown eyes. I’m sure I am not the only person who refrains from traveling because I can’t stand the thought of leaving my dogs behind. For those of you who feel the same way, I have some good news for you. There are several hotels in the area that make traveling to Fort Wayne with your furry loved ones easier than ever. Some hotels prefer cats, while some accept dogs and cats. Some require an extra deposit, but when it comes to bringing the furry family members along, most pet owners don’t mind paying a little extra. Many of Fort Wayne's hotels are pet-friendly. For a full listing, click here. So…you’ve found a hotel that allows you to bring your dog along. That’s great! Why not make your getaway a vacation for your pet too? There are several pet-friendly activities to keep Fido entertained while in Fort Wayne. A must-see for your pooch is Pawster Park Playground located in Foster Park West on Winchester Road. All dogs except female dogs in heat are welcome. The park contains a brand new dog agility course for canines of all sizes and abilities. Two separate fenced courses are designed to help dog owners teach obedience skills, build confidence, and give exercise to Fido. The first offers a set of six weaving poles, a wait table, and a doggy teeter totter, while another contains a tire jump, a set of five hound hoops, and a dog walk ramp. The Rivergreenway offers owners and dogs the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll or brisk jog on several connecting trails located throughout the city. Afterward, treat Fido to a dog treat at Green DogGoods, located on North Anthony Blvd. This holistic pet destination offers eco-friendly shopping for you and your dog. Planning a visit to Fort Wayne? Don’t leave Fido at home. Traveling with your pet can be fun and hassle free!