Are you a recreational biker looking for new trails to explore?  Fort Wayne’s biking trails offer cyclists fun and fitness while exploring the city.

With a network of more than 100 miles of multiuse trails and over 50,000 visitors a month in the summer, Fort Wayne’s growing trail system provides bikers with numerous choices for cycling along rivers and green spaces.

Kayaks along the St Marys River at the MLK Bridge near Headwaters Park

Fort Wayne's Trail Network

The Rivergreenway

Fort Wayne’s popular Rivergreenway offers extraordinary biking on trails throughout the city, providing a 25 mile long system through Fort Wayne and New Haven, IN. Snaking alongside the rivers, including the St. Joseph, St. Mary’s and Maumee Rivers, the Rivergreenway offers scenic views and outstanding vistas of historic neighborhoods.

Although most of the Rivergreenway provides paved trails, a few sections of the trail are connected by roads and offer bikers the chance to ride through neighborhoods and on city streets. The Rivergreenway connects 15 city parks and offers bikers beautiful natural views of the city. Maintained by the Fort Wayne Parks Department and funded by the State of Indiana and the Land and Water Conservation fund, the Rivergreenway protects natural spaces within the city by offering cyclists safe transportation options while biking Fort Wayne.

The Rivergreenway is open 6 AM to 11 PM.  Check out the Rivergreenway trail map to plan your next cycling adventure.

Bike the Trails in Fort Wayne

Towpath Trail

The Towpath trail’s official name is the Wabash and Erie Canal Towpath trail, because it follows the historic transportation route of the former canal.

This 5.5 mile trail begins at Rockhill Park and ends at Lutheran Hospital. With beautiful views of Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve and scenic marshlands, the Towpath trail connects the Rivergreenway trail and the Aboite Trail for more riding options.

Aboite Trails

The Aboite Trails provides 18 miles of trail access connecting the Towpath trail and leading to Indian Trails Park. This hilly section of trail offers users the chance to bike past suburban neighborhoods and scenic fields on the city's southwest side.

Salomon Farm

Salomon Park Loop

This 1.65 mile loop is located at Salomon Park and is the heaviest used trail in the system, averaging 550 people a day.  Located by the Parkview YMCA on the north side of Fort Wayne, the Solomon Park Loop connects to the Pufferbelly Trail on the east side of the park.

Franke Park Trails

Looking for dirt biking paths that offer a mountain biking experience?  The Franke Park Trails are just for you.  These challenging trails are designed for mountain biking, running or walking and present fitness enthusiasts with an off road experience in the heart of the city. 

With all these biking trails available for free, there is no excuse not to enjoy a scenic bike ride in Fort Wayne.  Plus, plans are underway to expand the trail system so that even more people can bike the trails.

This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated.